Professional Card


The purpose of this visa is to take up employment in Belgium on the basis of a professional card.

Applicants applying for Belgium Long Stay Visa (D Visa) Category are requested to appear in person at the visa application center to register their biometrics which includes scans of all fingerprints and live digital photo.

Visa Fees

Please note that applicants will also be charged a service fee of Euro 30 per application (PKR 4316) which must be paid in cash when you attend the visa application centre.

Some applicants may be required to pay an administrative fee in Belgium prior to the submission of the visa application. Please visit the website of the Embassy of Belgium for more information.

Visa fees must be paid for in cash in Euros.

Visa Category Visa Fee (Euro)
Employment (work permit)  180

Documents Required

Please visit the website of the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad for detailed information on the documents required for this visa.

For general information relating to Belgium visas, please visit the website of the Belgium Immigration Office.

Legalizations: New procedure from 1 November 2018 onwards

  • Legalization of documents as part of visa applications: All documents as part of a visa file for long stay have to be legalized first. The visa applicant sends the documents to the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad via the Visa Application Center (VAC) of Gerry’s International to be legalized. Once the documents have been legalized, they will be sent back via the VAC to the visa applicant, who submits a complete visa file with the application form and all the supporting documents.
  • Legalization of documents which are not part of a visa application: no change in the previous system. Please read “legalization of documents” section for complete details.

Photo Specifications

 The photo must:

  • be in sharp focus, clear and with good contrasts
  • be printed on high quality photo paper with high solution
  • be in colour
  • be 35–40 mm in width
  • be maximum 6 months old and resemble the applicant
  • be taken with the applicant facing the camera directly, against a light background
  • show the whole head and the top of the shoulders. The face must occupy 70–80 % of the picture.
  • show open eyes that are clearly visible. Hair must not cover the eyes.

Regarding glasses:

Glasses are allowed as long as the eyes are clearly visible.

  • the glasses must not be coloured
  • the rim must not cover any part of the eyes
  • there must be no reflection in the glasses

Regarding head-dress:

Religious head-dresses are allowed, provided that all details of the face are clearly shown.

  • chin, forehead and both cheeks must be clearly visible
  • shadows on the face due to the head-dress are not allowed


Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If the photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete. A photo booth for meeting these requirements is available at the visa application centre.

Processing Time

Please contact the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad for information on processing times for long stay visas.

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