The address of the Alliance française in Islamabad will change in the near future. Please refer to the e-mail address and the website of Alliance française (,

From 01 November 2018 onwards, all documents as part of a visa file for long stay have to be legalized first. Applicants will need to submit their documents for legalization at a Visa Application Centre. Once the documents have been legalized and sent back to the VAC, the applicant will be able to submit a complete visa file for long stay with all the supporting documents.

Embassy Legalization Fees

Document to be legalized Embassy Fee
An original document EUR 20 per document
A certified true copy EUR 20 per document
A translation EUR 20 per document

VFS Service Fees

Application Type Visa Service Fee
Legalizations EUR 5 (PKR 719) per document

The Embassy fees above must be paid in Euros and in cash at the visa application centre.

Important information:

  1. Documents must be presented in original version.
  2. Must be original Pakistani/Afghani documents attested by Pakistani/Afghani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. No ordinary photocopies will be accepted for legalization, only CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by the national authorities.
  4. Diplomas or degrees are to be attested by Ministry of Education, more specifically the HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION and subsequently by the Pakistani/Afghani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Translation of the documents

  1. AFGHANISTAN: Original documents from Afghanistan are translated into English by the Afghan Authorities. Only a translation issued by those Authorities will be accepted.
  2. PAKISTAN: All documents duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan have to be accompanied by a certified translation. Original documents from Pakistan should be translated in one of the national languages of Belgium: French and Dutch.

    • Translation into French is possible in Pakistan and must be done by one of the 3 “Alliances Françaises” settled in Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore) (see addresses below). The original Pakistani document and its translation into French, both legalized by the Embassy, will be directly accepted by a Belgian French speaking administration.
    • For the moment, no recognized institution in Pakistan offers the service for translation into Dutch. Therefore, documents to be used in a Belgian Dutch speaking administration might need to be translated a second time into Dutch once in Belgium.